IBU Resource center

The IBU resource center was opened in 2007 when IBU got the first office premises. This was pre smart phones, pre affordable internet and the level of comprehension of LGBTI issues like sexuality, safe sexual practices, gender and the rest were hardly understood by even LGBTI people themselves. The center was established to be a source of information, self-education and general education center for LGBT related issues.

The Center is boosted by the availability of space to accommodate a bigger number of people.

  • We have our offices on site
  • Computers with free unlimited internet open all day Literature about sexuality, gender, safe sex practices and health in general
  • Host organizations who haven’t acquired offices
  • Host events like workshops, meetings etc
  • Wellness hub for interaction on both individual and group level
  • We have temporary stay and safe housing for LGBTI people that facing accommodation challenges because of their sexuality e.g. evictions, family pressure and etc.
  • We produce and design our IEC materials, get some from our partner organizations, Allies and from the general community.