By involving local and religious leaders, politicians and creating partnerships with strong nationwide organizations and Ministries, we create awareness about the existence of LGBT people in a homophobic society, sensitize about tolerance for each other for the greater good of Uganda, push for policy change and change of attitude. This has been fruitful in recruiting several law makers and public figures in voicing out the injustices subjected to LGBT and MSM in Uganda.

Youth Grassroots Advocacy Initiative (Y.O.G.A)

YOGA is part of the process to build up local level leadership and capacity so that LGBTIQQ communities will be able to advocate for themselves. Under the program of YOGA, a pattern was launched through an informal network of grassroots activists (cells) with the perspective of social change!

Amnesty and Icebreakers Uganda Justice Project

The mission of this project is to assist individuals in making informed decisions about public safety issues and justice. Relying on data, current research, knowledge about practices proven to be effective and different documents like the Yogyakarta principles on the application of international human rights law in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity, Universal declaration human rights, African com-mission on Human and people’s rights, HIV/AIDS declaration and many others, we hope to provide information on access to justice to the LGBT community specifically the wider pub.


Data awareness and digitalization project

aims developing and promoting digital data collection and storage practices within LGBT and sex worker organizations which can be used for advocacy, dissemination, policy change as well as creating visibility of organizations works in Uganda.