About Us

Who We Are

Icebreakers Uganda is a nonprofit support organization for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender people focused on Sexual Health, Sexual Health Rights advocacy, community mobilization and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention for all LGBT people. We also fundamentally focus on breaking barriers for LGBTI people seeking health services by creating partnerships, lobbying stake holders, orienting service providers and constantly reminding the LGBTI people of sexual risks and other factors that we all face as sexual minorities in Uganda.

Meet Our Team

Our team is consistent, dynamic and dedicated to serve the LGBTI community despite the challenges and dangers. We also find pride in working with a number of partners right from MSM CSOs, LGBTI organizations, Mainstream organizations, general Hospitals, volunteers and individual well-wishers.

Brant Luswata

Executive Director

[email protected]

Ayesiga Herbert

Programs Director

[email protected]

Bob Bwana

Operational Director

[email protected]

Irene Nabatanzi

Finance Officer

[email protected]

George Mugenyi

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

[email protected]

Sekayita Bashir

Clinic Manager

[email protected]

Tusubira Waston

Communication Officer

[email protected]

Reagan Lubowa

DIC peer educator coordinator

[email protected]

Leticia Nalugo

Office and Resource centre receptionist

[email protected]

Shaukat Murungi

Field Officer

Shammy Pretty

Office Assistant

  • Stigma

    The attitude given to LGBT people because of their sexual orientation and gender spaces identity that drives them away from families, friends, jobs and social

  • Hate Crimes

    The many documented hate crimes against LGBT people. Like being beaten, assaulted and killed for their sexual orientation or gender identity

  • Discrimination

    Unfair treatment and being denied access to proper medical attention and other services basing of sexuality and gender identity

  • Institutionalized Homophobia

    Homophobia orchestrated by the state through the parliament that pro-motes homophobia, leads to rejection of LGBT people from schools, families and religious leaders that call for nationwide banishing of gay people.

The Ice We Want To break

  • Negative reporting and homophobic press
  • The lack of LGBT friendly services
  • Discrimination and Stigma
  • The lack of health information for LGBT groups
  • Discriminative laws that violet human rights and hinder services providers from accepting LGBT people
  • Violence against LGBT people
  • Ignorance and unfair treatment of LGBT people in communities
  • Exclusion of LGBT persons in national programs
  • Lack of research about LGBT issues
  • Self/internal Stigma